“I grew up in a home with addictions such as alcohol. It was normal for me to deal with social workers. They were around so often, I thought a lot…

“I grew up in a home with addictions such as alcohol. It was normal for me to deal with social workers. They were around so often, I thought a lot of them were family members. Seeing all the using and partying in my home had a huge effect on me because I couldn’t wait to be a part of what my loved ones were doing.

We never had money growing up and it was a struggle to live. At such a young age, I carried all that worry on my shoulders. I was forced to grow up fast. I held a lot of hate and jealousy for anyone who had it better than me and I was really unhappy with the cards I had been dealt. I didn’t believe that there was a God or Creator, because why would this be happening. Because of the anger I would often try and escape from everything and this is when my addiction developed.

I chose all the wrong paths and slowly dropped out of school. Eventually I got so lost to the point that I wasn’t that same little girl anymore. I honestly didn’t know who was in the mirror. Finally I had enough. I got some help, got better but still wasn’t doing anything with my life, still not going to school or working.

Then I got this life changing opportunity that I am so grateful for: Kids in the Hall. I am now doing things I never thought I would be doing. It is sad because a lot of youth are unable to make it this far in life and because of the program I can say hey, I’m working and going to school and it feels amazing.

I don’t have to pick between the two, I can do both and I am flying through school. I’m learning new things and what to do in a work place. I have gained so much experience over the past five months. I now have confidence that I can reach my goal and will be graduating high school.

I know that I can handle whatever comes my way. I used to be scared and that fear is now gone. I have the support from the staff at Kids in the Hall that I never had before; I have people to lean on until I am ready to stand by myself. It makes me feel that I have got some of my youth back. I have gotten into a regular healthy routine and I don’t have time for bad habits. Every day I am one step closer to my future. Coming from a home with such little income, it feels good to get a taste of money, not having to worry about it anymore. I am no longer bitter.

I see nothing but success in my future, being able to give my future kids what I didn’t have. I know I will graduate with my dream job as an addictions counselor. I am going to travel the world, explore. I am going to make something out of myself with the help of my bistro family and e4c.” – Bethany

Bethany was involved in work experience and educational classes at Kids in the Hall throughout 2015, she has since gone on to work experience in 2016, and continues to work within e4c.


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